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With your contribution you build dignity and inclusion.


* The prices are in Argentine Peso ($).

You can also contribute via transfer or bank deposit to the following account:

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INCOME TAX DEDUCTIONS: Law 20.628, Article 81C allows the donor to deduct up to 5% of the net income for the fiscal year when they benefit the institutions included in subsection f in article 20 which are «associations, foundations and civil entities dedicated to social assistance, public health, charity, beneficence, education and instruction, scientific, literary, artistic, union and those related to physical and intellectual culture, as long as that income and the shareholders’ equity are allocated to its creation. 

Fundación Prisma Certificate of Exemption according to Law 20.628 Article 20 subsection f: 041/2016/015187/

At this moment we are building our Therapeutical Educational Center (CET) and we need help to finish the work.

Why donate to Fundación Prisma?

In the City of Buenos Aires there is a lack of offer of spaces for people with cerebral palsy over 21 years old.

And Fundación Prisma is here to meet this unsatisfied need by offering young adults with a neuromotor disability, the opportunity to access a suitable space to develop their potentiality together with others.

Contributing to Fundación Prisma you improve the lives of many people.

And better still, you improve the society in which we live.